Our Team

A passionate family at your service

Specialized in RV, Roulottes Gauthier’s team is formed of several Gauthier family members, RV business qualified technicians and representatives, certified service and maintenance technicians; experienced staff that cares about making your dreams come true. Roulottes Gauthier is ready to accompany you choosing your RV and is committed in providing you with the most professional and impeccable service there is in order to make your camping experience unforgettable.


Alexandre Gauthier
Alexandre Gauthier Owner & Sales Director alexandre@roulottesgauthier.com
Alain Gauthier
Alain Gauthier Owner & CEO alain@roulottesgauthier.com
Catherine Gauthier
Catherine Gauthier Director of Communications catherine@roulottesgauthier.com
Carmen Legris
Carmen Legris Accountant comptabilite@roulottesgauthier.com
Valérie Filteau-Bélec
Valérie Filteau-Bélec Administrative assistant valerie.f.b@roulottesgauthier.com


Marie-Josée Rossignol
Marie-Josée Rossignol Receptionist reception@roulottesgauthier.com
Ariane Rochon
Ariane Rochon Receptionist reception@roulottesgauthier.com
Francine Lajoie
Francine Lajoie Sale Consultant francine.l@roulottesgauthier.com
Alain Lemieux
Alain Lemieux Sale Consultant alain.l@roulottesgauthier.com
Jean-Pierre Pilon
Jean-Pierre Pilon Sale Consultant info@roulottesgauthier.com


Claire Major
Claire Major Parts Director pieces@roulottesgauthier.com


Roxanne Martin
Roxanne Martin Housekeeper service@roulottesgauthier.com
Dany Lanouette
Dany Lanouette Service Director service@roulottesgauthier.com
Pierre-Olivier Cyr
Pierre-Olivier Cyr Daily service@roulottesgauthier.com
Francis Auger
Francis Auger Technician service@roulottesgauthier.com
Lauri-Anne Joly
Lauri-Anne Joly Customer Service claims@roulottesgauthier.com
Yves Carrière
Yves Carrière Technician service@roulottesgauthier.com
Alexandre Chabot
Alexandre Chabot Technician service@roulottesgauthier.com
Gilbert Boyer
Gilbert Boyer Technician service@roulottesgauthier.com