You are not able to privately sale your RV for months or even years and it’s starting to take too much space on your land? Roulottes Gauthier is there for you! We are your consignment sale specialist for your RV.

Benefits of trusting Roulottes Gauthier with the sale of you RV:

  • Your RV is seen and well advertised on our website as well as other specialized Medias related to RV.
  • We offer financing for any types of RV and PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), complete verification or your RV for the next customer.
  • Our yard is secured and protected by high fences, video surveillance, guard dog, lighting and alarms.
  • We keep the yard and all exposed units clean and presentable.
  • More than 80% of today’s RV buyers need financing on their purchase (Our financing service provides customers with the current best interest rates and their loans are submitted to available banks or financial institution offering best terms and conditions)
  • RV buyers can add extended warranty up to 7 years on their purchase.
  • The purchase of a RV at Roulottes Gauthier means receiving an inspected, inside/outside cleaned RV and a first time starting course.
  • Buyers a secured of any older loan rights on the unit when buying from a RV dealer. (RDPRM)