Roulottes Gauthier offers financing services on-the-spot for all kinds of new RVs or pre-owned RVs, travel trailers, tent-trailers, hybrid trailers, fifth wheel and motorhomes. Also, Roulottes Gauthier offers financing services on boats, motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATV, 4X4, cargo trailers. We also offer financing on consignment or accommodation sales, see details in store.

Make sure you ask for our extended warranty options on both new and used RV as well as our rustproof, fabric and paint treatments.

We offer special interest rates and financing option up to 20 years!

Roulottes Gauthier offers consignment and accommodation sales services to get financing or your private recreational vehicles (RV) sales.

For more information or details on all our financing options and services call our representatives at 450-432-2366.