10th anniversary Roulottes Gauthier

10th anniversary Roulottes Gauthier

Roulottes Gauthier celebrates its 10th anniversary this year! Win with one of our 10 $1000 gift certificates. 2 monthly draws from April to August will be held among all buyers of a new or used recreational vehicle of the month.

Roulottes Gauthier 10th Anniversary Contest

For the purposes of the Contest, the "Group" means the people who make up the Sponsor, its subsidiaries including, but not limited to, its parent, sister and subsidiary companies, retailers, franchisees, advertising and promotional agencies, suppliers of materials and services related to this Contest, individuals or other legal entities directly related to the holding of the Contest as well as their respective employees, agents and representatives (the "Group Members"). Note: the use of the masculine gender is preferred for the sake of brevity.

1. The Contest runs from April 01 to August 31, 2022, at 11:59 pm.

2. The contest is announced via the following media: on the website and the Facebook page of Roulottes Gauthier and at the place of sale.

3. To register to the contest, the participants are automatically registered when they buy their RV, a copy of the rules will be given to each participant.

4. GRAND PRIZE: 10 prizes of $1000 in gift certificates (2 per month). Total value: $10,000

5. To participate in the contest, the participant must have signed a sales contract for a new or used vehicle at Roulottes Gauthier during the period of April 01 to August 31, 2022. A monthly draw will take place through all the buyers of the same month (For example: I bought a vehicle on April 13, I will participate in the draw of April with all the other participants who will have signed the sales contract during the month of April). 2 prizes of $1000 will be drawn each month among the participants who are eligible to the contest.

6. Winners will be announced on the Facebook page and will be contacted by phone or email to be notified. The prize won by the participant will be awarded on the day the purchased vehicle is picked up or when it is paid in full.

7. The contest is open to any person over 18 years old having signed a contract of sale of a new or used vehicle at Roulottes Gauthier during the period from April 01 to August 31, 2022 23h59, residing in Canada, with the exception of employees, agents and representatives of Roulottes Gauthier, its advertising and promotional agencies and suppliers of materials used in this promotion as well as all stakeholders directly related to the promotion as well as the persons with whom they are domiciled

8. Limit of entries: one entry per purchase contract, in the event that there are two purchasers, the gift certificate will be issued to both names for the duration of the contest.

9. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received during the contest each month, and may vary.

10. Winner must respond to telephone or email message left by the Contest Sponsor or its representatives within two (2) business days.

11. Winner must accept the prize as described in these rules. The prize cannot be substituted or exchanged, in whole or in part, for cash.

12. The validity of any entry is subject to verification by the Sponsor. Roulottes Gauthier does not assume any responsibility for lost or damaged entries, whatever the reason.

13. Any entry that is illegible, incomplete or made in a fraudulent manner will be disqualified. Any entrant or person attempting to enter by any means which is contrary to these Official Contest Rules or which is otherwise disruptive to the operation of this Contest or is otherwise unfair to other entrants or potential entrants will be disqualified. All decisions of the Contest judges, who may be employees or independent organizations, including without limitation any question of eligibility or disqualification of any entry and participation, are final. Entries become the property of the Sponsor and none will be returned.

14. Disqualification: Failure to comply with each of the conditions set forth in these rules will result in disqualification of the selected entrant and in the entrant being ineligible to receive any prize. In such event, the Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to select another entrant as the potential prize winner.

15. The winner agrees to sign a declaration and release form prior to receiving the prize, releasing the Contest Organizers and the Sponsors from any liability for any damages that may arise from the use of the prize. The winner will have to sign this document when taking possession of his prize at Roulottes Gauthier.

16. The winner agrees to respect the eligibility criteria of the contest as well as these rules. The fact of participating to the contest attests that he received and understood the present rules.

17. Upon receipt of the signed declaration and release of responsibility form

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